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Animal Simulator Games let you experience life in the wilderness as a ferocious animal. Go on the hunt for birds or other simulated beasts. Our best online animal simulator games let you explore nature for free. Join a realistic fight for survival here at or enjoy a quiet life on a farm. Play fun online games for kids with your friendly pets and family. 

These top animal simulator games are full of fun and exciting adventures. Play them for free and become one with nature. Pick the animal you want to be. Play as a friendly cat, a loyal dog or a ferocious tiger. See the world through their eyes and go on an exciting and fun adventure. You can even play as a bird and fly majestically above the heads of the creatures below. In these realistic simulations you can choose to be a cute puppy or kitty, and try to survive a crazy online world full of predators.

Explore your natural surroundings or just live on a farm and look for food. Stay away from predatory hunters out to get you, and play as an untamed beast in nature.

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