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Boring Games are the perfect way for you to slow down and simplify life and you can enjoy them online and for free on The world is simply too hectic, too stressful and has too many demands put on the average person! To be fair, calling them boring games is a bit of a misnomer. These games are simple to the point of being ironically silly. But they are also somewhat freeing in that they don't annoy you with their dozens upon dozens of menus, sub-actions and decisions.

These games give you a simple task and all you have to do is repeat it and get better at it over time. In fact eventually you don't even have to do much work at all, these games can be run in the background and succeed at the things you've set up. Start with Banana Clicker, a super fun idle clicker game. Simply click bananas to multiply those and get endless fruits. Use the yellow fruits to buy upgrades, which will get you even more and more and more bananas. How fast can you click? 

So take a deep breath, relax and get in the zone. Let the zen-like calm of these games take you over and give in to these boring games. Enlightenment may not await you on the other side, but maybe some relaxation and a smile, knowing that you've played a silly little game well. There are plenty of Boring Games like Bingo Online, Lottery Simulator, iPhone X Makeover and many more. Have fun!

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