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Idle Games are incremental upgrade games whose gameplay consists of the player performing simple repetitive actions. Be a game dev and idle in front of your computer until you own the biggest gaming company in the world. Let your idle miners work for you while you improve the drill with a click on a button. Or play a character in a simple text based online idle RPG game until you get bored. Idle hands are the devil's playthings. Luckily this won't be an issue with the best and most fun idle games here at! Click away to your heart's content and rack up the profits in these funny and relaxing ways to waste away some dull hours.

Incremental idle games, also known as clicker games, are insanely simple to play. Click on what you want to buy or activate and that's it. If you click something multiple times, you do it multiple times. So if you really want to hammer away at that mouse button, you're more than welcome to do so. But surely there are better ways to improve? Why, of course! Invest in multipliers, invest in machines or employees that take over the work for you. Keep doing it and pushing up the numbers to reach the top!

If you enjoy online games that you can easily let run in the background, that only occasionally want your in-depth attention but are happy to shower you with accolades for hanging in there, try out our free idle games. They're sure to keep you busy and entertained for a long while. Tap along, and watch the incremental increases grow and grow. Enjoy playing the best free online idle games here on!

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