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Buggy Games are fast-paced racing games in which you can speed around the race tracks with the small open vehicle. Buggies are also known as karts, go-karts or street karts, and their small size makes them especially fast. So what are you waiting for? Race your agile little car over difficult terrain collect points for the best stunts you can pull off.

A buggy is a small automobile with a light and small chassis, often intended for off-road driving. Buggies are often sold in kit form, or built entirely by yourself. Most people are familiar with dune buggies, which are designed for driving in the sand or on the beach. They are often used for recreational purposes only. But there are also swamp buggies with very wide and heavy tires, and ways to get around even in swamps or heavy mud.

So buckle up, push the pedal to the metal and race over boisterous terrain, thanks to our fun and exciting buggy games. Big challenges and even bigger rewards await you! Browse through our collection of the best buggy games and play them online for free at Silvergames.com, as always. Have fun!

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