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Car Stunt Games are racing and driving games in which you can pull off crazy and extreme jumps and drifts in 3D. In our new top selection of the best fun car stunt games, here at, you can choose to drive some amazing luxury automobiles. Sent your car flying over ramps like a deranged superhero. Push your virtual engine to the limit fearlessly, and pull off incredible car stunts for free. Try not to crash your vehicle into any towers or cement blocks, because that would slow you down. In these fun online car stunt games driving fast and flying high is of utmost importance.

This category is not for cowards, since you'll have to be willing to risk your life to perform the most spectacular stunts. Race at full speed towards ramps to spin countless times. The asphalt under your tires must be on fire, otherwise you're doing something wrong here. Choose one of the many cool sports and off-road cars and don't worry - if you wreck your car, you'll just start over.

Anyone who has ever played a 3D racing games has tried to push the limits of what the game will let you get away with. Our free online collection of the best new car stunt games lets you play around with acceleration, speed and gravity. Pull off extreme stunts like long distance jumps or even multiple loops. If you crash your car in an attempt to pull off a stunt, you'll just come across as crazy. But if you manage to land your vehicle successfully after a wild car stunt, you will feel like a superhero. Have fun!

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