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What are Cafe Games?

Cafe Games are fun restaurant management games in which you can test your skills at owning a cafe. It's a nice sunny day outside, why not meet some friends at a cafe? Or better yet, why not play some Cafe Games and invite a bunch of friends over to have a drink there? Thanks to the varied and fun selection of games here at, you can now experience the thrill of running and promoting your own cozy little cafe!

A cafe is usually a small type of dining establishment that specializes in coffee drinks, and smaller snacks. Some cafes offer their customers full meals, but for the most part cafes are places with an emphasis on social interaction as opposed to lavish dinners. Cafes have also played a pivotal role in some famous movies and TV series, like Rick's Cafe in Casablanca or Central Perk in Friends. Many aspiring actor or actress has started their career as a waiter or waitress in a cafe, before being discovered.

If you think you have what it takes to brace the rush of afternoon coffee drinkers clamoring for cream, and run a cafe like a business that makes enough profit to expand and improve its offering, then give these cafe games a try. Just hop right in, and see if running a pleasant place to have a cup of joe is as easy as people make it look! Play Papa's Bakery, Frenzy Bakery or Holiday Cafe and have fun!

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