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What are Customer Games?

Customer Games are restaurant, hotel management and shop games that you can enjoy online and for free on Are you a very friendly and polite person by nature but still have a business mind? Then this category is definitely the right one for you. Everybody knows: the customer is always right, so try to make your guests happy and make sure to earn as much money as possible at the same time. Do you think you can do that? Browse through our fun collection of the best Customer Games and choose your favorite one. 

Has it always been your dream to manage a restaurant? Then this category is just right for you. Manage your restaurant so well that your customers always leave with a smile. Make sure that your cooks, waiters and cleaners do a perfect job to get only good reviews. In this day and age of online reviews, even one bad customer experience can throw your entire business into turmoil.

Whether it's a hotel, clothing store, strip mall or restaurant, the most important thing is always satisfied customers. In most games you can click on the customers and find out what they like and what they are angry about. Improve your business permanently and become a successful businesswoman or a rich entrepreneur. Do you think you can do it? Browse through our fun collection of the best customer games on and choose your favorite. Good luck!

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