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Championship Games are sports competitions that determine the best participants of a certain discipline. Here you can find championship games in soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, cricket, curling and many more. Are you a professional in one of these disciplines and do you think you can make it to the highest step of the victory ladder? Then face the CPU or your fellow sportsmen from all over the world here.

Championships are held on a regional scale, starting with city and district championships and ending with European and world championships, which attract the attention of the entire world. In most sports at the national level, championships are held annually, and internationally they are held on a perennial basis.

You can compete in a championship alone or in a team, as well as in our online games at As a rule, the three first place winners receive an award in the form of a medal or a cup. The metal of the winner is gold, the second is silver and the third is bronze. In many sports, the winners also receive a cash prize. So what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite championship game and grab the gold medal! Good luck!

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