Free Kick Games

What are Free Kick Games?

Free Kick Games are football, rugby or soccer games in which the player has to shoot the ball after a foul. Get ready for the Super Bowl or the Fifa Soccer World Cup and and shoot free kicks at the goal. Here on you can find the best free kick games the sports world have ever seen!

Free Kick is a way to start a football match by kicking the ball into the field. It is the most used method to restart the game, which also gives players a chance to score a goal. The ball doesn't even have to be touched by another player first. There are different types of this technique - direct free kick and indirect free kick. Usually a wall of 5 players stays in front of their own gate to defend a free kick. It is used in American football and Canadian soccer and also rugby. Unlike penalties, people can run in front of the goalkeeper in a free kick.

Just choose one of the free kick games and start scoring goals! Choose direction and speed of the ball, get ready and push the button just in the right moment. Have fun!

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