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Cow Games are free animal and simulator games where players can control a cow or manage a whole farm. Play as a big cow and keep running overcoming all the obstacles on your way. In our online cow games for kids and adults, players might have to transport cows and other farm animals driving on the bumpy roads. Play our cow milking simulator with your friends on to provide everyone with a milkshake at the party.

Play free cow games online and experience a real country life or become a farm animal yourself. Pick the right color and paint funny animal characters as nice as possible. Create your own tiny farm, buy new equipment and develop it to the biggest and most successful farm in the world. Complete an obstacle course as fast as you can and try to collect all the money on your way to finish.

Control a cow or a bull and complete all the missions and everyday tasks. In our free cow games online, you can also manage your own farm and take care of these black and white cute animals. Take on the role of a cute black and white cow and try to survive in the wilderness fighting the opponents.

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