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What are Decision Games ?

Decision Games are cool escape games and life-changing choice games where you have to make the right decisions to successfully complete the game. Our civilization is based on the assumption that humans possess free will. If we are not free to make decisions, we cannot be held responsible for our decisions. To illustrate this concept, here at we have collected the most difficult and puzzle-intensive decision games.

Most of the games are about choosing between possibilities. Sometimes we have to do this in a fraction of a second, while opponents surround us. Sometimes we have time to think about where a strategically important building should be placed on the map. Other games allow us to participate in a story. Adventure games - as they are often called - are mainly about this kind of decision space. Which path will you choose to lead the protagonist to the successful conclusion of his story?

In these decision-making games, you will have to fight your way through a book-like plot and discover what rewards you will get in the end. Weigh all the options carefully and choose wisely, because your decisions will have drastic consequences beyond your control. Play cool decision games, as always online and for free on Have fun!

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