Dentist Games

What are Dentist Games?

Dentist Games are doctor simulator games in which players can perform surgeries and medical procedures. Become a professional dental surgeon and learn how to treat bad teeth. Let Barbie, Elsa, a Baby, and even monsters be treated by the crazy dentist. Drill holes in teeth, attach braces, or whiten your patients' teeth. You can also play the role of a scared patient trying to escape the dentist in one of our free online games for kids. Play one of our free dentist games online and have fun!

Dentists are trained medical professionals who specialize in treating patients' teeth. Cavities can cause patients a lot of pain, so they make sure to help prevent them as well as treating any damaged or infected teeth. Help patients continue using an otherwise damaged tooth in these cool online games.

It can also mean removing the nerve or tooth entirely so that it does not get infected. Our free dentist games for girls and boys challenge you to help your patients through a hopefully pain-free treatment of their dental issues. In some cases, you might even have to rely on dental surgery to soothe a toothache.

Collect yourself, stay calm and try seeing the scary tooth doctor visit from the other side. Follow the instructions given in these fun and challenging dentist games. Become the kind and helpful doctor you want your own dentist to be. Maybe you want to be a gleeful sadist who messes up teeth for no reason? Just remember to clean your teeth regularly, and have fun!

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