Surgery Games

What are Surgery Games?

Surgery games are about putting you in the role of a doctor operating on virtual people in hospital. Experience the daily challenges of a medical cut-up artist. Find out what it means to hold a human heart in your hand. Look at the inside of a human body. Real surgeons perform complicated and difficult surgeries to help people. Plastic surgery, and operations on the eye or the knee, are very common. For many patients, life is more fun after they've been to the doctor.

Fortunately, you can get a good idea of it all in a shorter and less stressful time fram, thanks to these free surgery games. Remove objects from an injured body and close open wounds. But be careful and follow every instruction to the letter. A small mistake can cost your patient dearly. So don't slip up!

Do you want to streighten a few teeth? Want to improve the eyesight of your patient? Help someone remove their least popular hand? Thanks to these surgery games you can apply a scalpel, a drill or a bone saw to the human body. Earn enough points to win the game and enjoy all these realistic graphics. Good luck, doctor!

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