Drag Racing Games

What are Drag Racing Games?

Drag Racing Games are high speed driving games played on straight tracks. Get the most action out of your engine and shift gears in time to gain the decisive advantage. Climb into your muscle car and drive no limit races as a street outlaw in 3D environments. In these free and fun racing simulators, you get to sit in expensive, tuned up vehicles and even massive trucks. Be faster than your opponent and hone your reflexes and reaction times.

Pick your favourite vehicle, be it a motorcycle, race car or even monster truck, and speed down the road to the finishing line. Some of these awesome online games here at Silvergames.com refine the simple racing idea, and introduce ways to drift with your car. Or even pull off amazing stunts to score more points. Just make sure you don't crash and turn your car into a worthless pile of scrap metal. Have fun with these free and online drag racing games!

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