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What are Cartoon Games?

Cartoon Games contain graphics that tell a comic or satirical story with funny characters. When our ideas can not be contained by reality, we use visual arts to express ourselves. Usually by drawing cartoon people with enormous heads and weird bodies. These Cartoon Games here at are all about the surreal and extraordinary ways in which we can depict things in a fictional cartoon world, that would just be plain impossible in real life. Mostly because it would be terribly dangerous.

Cartoons are a form of visual entertainment that is generally assumed to be of low sophistication and complexity. It often involves animals taking on human characteristics and being at odds with one another, like Tom & Jerry for example. But sometimes they also use caricaturized versions of humans to let them do and say things that go beyond what is possible, but is nonetheless very, very funny. Just think of cartoon series like The Simpsons, Family Guy or South Park. Cartoon characters can get hurt, mutilated or even killed in these games without it necessarily seeming too violent.

These fun adventure games in cartoon form are sure to appeal to young and old, kids and teens. The sometimes brutish and crazy sense of humour might even be far better suited for adults, actually. Enjoy some classic, drawn carnage with these cartoon games, as always online and for free on!

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