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Dungeon Games are creepy escape, puzzle, role play (RPG) and point'n'click adventures in which you have to find your way around eerie dark dungeons. A dungeon is, in a broader sense, a prison that consists of a windowless basement room and was usually located in the lowest part of a fortress or tower in the Middle Ages. This dungeon was often accessible only through a small hole, also called a fear hole, and was very narrow, so that the prisoners could not even lie down. The perseverance in a dungeon was like a torture. 

With its thick concrete walls, the dungeon is a scary place, as it is dark and cold and independent escape seems impossible. In our collection of the best dungeon games, however, there is always a way out of these nasty places, you just have to find it. Look for helpful items around you or work with the other prisoners to find a way out as a team. 

First find a torch to be able to see something and then strain your brain to find a clever strategy that will lead you out of the death place. Do you think you're smart enough to find a way out of the gloomy dungeon in each level? In our collection of the scariest dungeon games on Silvergames.com, only the smartest survive. Are you one of them? Find out now and have fun with the best Dungeon Games!

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