Fire Games

A tea might get pretty hot. A McDonald's coffee might reach temperatures that lead to third degree burns and a lawsuit. But these Fire Games here at are not interested in those low energy attempts to bring the heat. This is all about the scorching hotness that leaves nothing in its wake but ashes.

Fire is a process in which an object or a material oxidizes rapidly, releasing a lot of heat and light in the process. Many materials have a temperature at which point this process is triggered. Paper famously starts to burn at 451° Fahrenheit. It's a process that early man made use of, to warm themselves in the winter and to prepare food for consumption. Today people are still fascinated by fire, with some like pyromaniacs more intensely and disturbingly than others.

So let the logs crackle in the fireplace. Bring the sizzle and light everything up, with deliberate use of your flamethrower or escape the flames of doom in these exciting fire games. Don't forget all these games are free, and require no download or registration. Just light a match and let's go!

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Most Played Fire Games