Guessing Games

Guessing games are word and logic games for kids in which you have to answer a question based on a drawing, picture or other clue. Test your knowledge and skills of deduction by figuring out who you're supposed to guess in our best new online guessing games for free, here at Sometimes all you will have to go on is an emoji or a logo before having to pick an answer to win. Do you know enough about food, fictional characters or even Pokemon to correctly guess the answer to our riddles and challenges?

Think about a picture, a song or even a TV character you really like. Do you think a genie could guess what it is, based only on a few questions? Our fun and addictive guessing games will teach you how to read clues and draw conclusions quickly in order to guess who we're looking for. Figure out the secret word from only a handful of letters in our free new online games. Try guessing the name of a song based only on a few notes. Our fun and addictive guessing games will have you looking at emojis, logos and even bits of food in an attempt to figure out the solution.



The Most Played Guessing Games