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What are Hockey Games?

Hockey games are sport and team games in which you score points by getting a ball or a puck into your opponent's goal. Here at we offer a top selection of the best free online hockey games in many different styles. Ranging from air hockey to ice hockey, you get to pick a fun game with an all star cast that and compete against teams from all over the world. Get ready to dream of a career with the NHL (National Hockey League) as you compete for the championship in our addicting new sports games.

Play Air Hockey, a cool online sports game with realistic physics made for all fans of ice hockey. Usually two human players play against each other but this time your opponent is a tough AI. Control the paddle with your mouse and try to push the puck into the opposing player's goal. Another fun one is Glow Hockey, a cool neon-styled 2 player air hockey game to challenge your best buddies on fun-addicting matches. Control your glowing striker to hit the puck into your opponent’s goal. 

If you want to grab a seat at the table with hockey all star players, you might want to start practicing your skill at hitting that goal. Both ice hockey and air hockey allow you to score goals indirectly by hitting a wall first. Train your reflexes and your aim, with our free online hockey games. It might be a long way to the NHL but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some old-fashioned hard-hitting competition right away. Our top selection of the best fun hockey games will give you many opportunities to shoot the ball and win the game. Have fun!

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