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Challenging Games are perfect for you, if you really want to dare yourself to a tricky game. You won't know what you can do, until you're pushed to do it. That's why these Challenging Games are just the thing to play, if you really need to know how skilled you are. The dilettantes here at collected all the games that made them rip their hair out in frustration. So that you, too, can feel the thrill of being totally overwhelmed by the difficulty rating of these games.

Challenging games are designed to test your skills, but also your patience. You will try to finish the levels over and over again, and keep failing until you don't. If you can't handle the frustration of not quite measuring up, then these games may not be for you. But if you're fine with constantly losing, failing and wiping out until you finally grasp that elusive victory, then you'll feel right at home with these games. Here you will find straight-forward adventure games, highly contested races and unforgiving reaction games to really push you to your limits.

It's time to put your foot down and show these challenging games what's what! Can you take all that they dish out? Solve the puzzles and overcome all obstacles to be victorious? Let's find out! Choose between games like Color Tunnel, Connect 4, Wheelie Challenge and many more. Much fun!

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