HTML5 Games

HTML5 games are online browser games with an engine written in hypertext markup language version 5. Our top collection of the best free html5 games, here at, has new multiplayer action games as well as fun racing or puzzle games. You can play them on mobile or on stationary computers. Choose an HTML5 game from a wide range of different genres, play through its tutorial and get ready for an awesome and addicting gaming challenge.

Due to their short development time for the makers most games here are quick one-offs with hilarious ideas to keep you entertained for a while.HTML5 game makers often create an engine on which to run fun little multiplayer gaming experiences. Coding in HTML5 is remarkably easy, so you can start development on your game after a short tutorial. Our addicting online selection of the best HTML5 gaming experiences is sure to keep you glued to your screen for a long time to come.

Play them for free on your mobile and tell your friends. Exciting challenges and wacky levels are waiting to be explored. Play to grab a high score, to find an exit or simply for fun with these awesome new HTML5 games. There is a great selection of the best HTML5 games like Love Tester, Smarty Bubbles, 2048, Mineblock HTML5 and many more. Much fun!

HTML5 Games



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