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What are Huggy Wuggy Games?

Huggy Wuggy Games are fun horror, puzzle and reaction games featuring the popular character from the horror video game Poppy Playtime. Huggy Wuggy is a Playtime CO. product that was originally designed for children, but has since become a nasty monster. Its characteristic features are its extremely long arms and legs and its height of over three meters. His fur is bright blue and he has razor sharp teeth bared in his overlapping mouths. His yellow hands, red lips and bullet-round googly eyes complete the picture to the perfect comical monster.

Huggy Wuggy's appearance goes hand in hand with a barbarically nasty character that knows only violence and destruction. That's why he not only behaves in a spontaneously violent manner, but also takes a strategically manipulative approach to destroying his opponents. While his hobby used to be hugging other people, he's now more interested in stalking and killing. In Poppy Playtime, he first pretends to be a statue, only to chase the terrified player through the darkness and try to catch him before he can reach the catwalk.

Here at we have collected the best Huggy Wuggy Games where you have to escape from the creepy creature or play as Huggy Wuggy yourself. Some games are also dedicated to the former friendly Huggy Wuggy, and you have to rescue him and help him out of supposedly hopeless situations. Just look through our great collection of the best games with the famous blue stuffed animal and have fun!

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