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What are Horror Games?

Horror Games are intense games wich seek to elicit fear with horridness creatures and scary moments and usually take place in the dark. Help a stranded granny to survive alone in a dark forest. Explore room after room until you have found all keys to escape from a mysterious castle. Play the best indie horror games online and fight with terrible monsters you have never seen before. Or take part in free multiplayer co-op games and horrify your best fiends.

If you're into scary stuff, love horror and just generally appreciate the darker and disturbing things in life, then you've come to the right place at Silvergames and our selection of online horror games. You'll find everything here, be it an action blockbuster or a moody game about sheer survival. Turn deadites into gory pulp as Ash in Evil Dead. Or maybe you'd like to kill some zombies or even granny with any weapon you can find.

Fans love their horror genre because it knows just how to scare and frighten them. Supernatural phenomena bring about the scariest nightmares known to man in the form of monsters and zombies. The night is dark and full of cruelty, so don't be surprised to find yourself covered in blood, splatter and gore. Recall the traumatising deaths of the Walking Dead, or the terrifying scares of Paranormal Activity and Hostel as you sit down in your comfortably gaming chair and enjoy our selection of online horror games. No matter how impenetrable the darkness may seem, in these games nobody can touch you kicking ass and taking names. You won't be cowed by creepy music or endless darkness. Enjoy playing the best free and most scary horror games online on Silvergames.com!

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