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Makeover Games are online dress up and fashion games in which players change their character's appearance. Play our free realistic makeover games for girls and turn an ugly girl into a princess or decorate your room. With a bit of make up and spa treatments you can change the appearance of a celebrity or a barbie doll in the best makeover games for kids and adults.

A radical change in appearance, clothing or hairstyle is what you have to do in our fun makeover games. Play online and start creating fresh looks, style hair and change your characters' make up. Prepare celebrities for the red carpet or turn a witch into a beautiful princess, here you will find cool online games for every taste. Make your house a home with the power of virtual makeover and enjoy online fashion challenges these games provide.

Play with all kinds of make up products like lipsticks, lipglosses, mascara and start creating fashion looks for dolls and cute ponies in the free makeover games. But don't forget to clean up the face and eliminate all the imperfections before putting on the makeup. Despite all this, you can also go shopping and dress up popular Disney princesses and other characters. Much fun with our beautiful collection of the best Makeover Games on!

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