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What are Hair Games?

Hair Games are free barber and dress up games where players can become a hairdresser and experiment with different hairstyles. Make girls and boys prettier or manage your own beauty salon for animals. Start cutting, braiding and designing hair in our online hair games on Become a professional styler and help Barbie to get ready for a party. Players can also dye hair, do nails and make up in these cool games for kids and adults.

Play free hair games online and choose between short-cut or long flowing locks. Long hair made up in braids or ponytails, here you can create your own styles. Virtual hair salons allow players to do a complete makeover on the cartoon characters and even animals. Turn the long princess Rapunzel-like hair into a bun and help a prince eager to cut his beard.

There are all kinds of combinations you can try to make your customer look great in these free hair games. There are also a lot of colours you can dye hair. So get to cutting and to dying in our online hair games and practice in braiding. Shaving, blow-drying and cutting hair is what you have to do to get to the next level.

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