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Microsoft Games is an entertaining category with the best games developed by Microsoft that you can now play online. This collection includes classic card games such as Solitaire, simple strategy games such as Tic Tac Toe and probably one of the oldest and most popular games of all time: Chess. So browse through our compilation of the best Microsoft games and choose the one you like best. What are you waiting for?

Microsoft is an international hardware and software developer and a technology company headquartered in the US state of Washington. The company is the world's largest software developer and one of the largest companies ever. Microsoft is known for its Windows operating system, Office office software suite, Microsoft Surface family of tablet computers, and Xbox video game brand, among other products.

Micorsoft has also developed a number of legendary games, such as Minesweeper, Microsoft Sudoku, Microsoft Jigsaw and many more. These are just some of the great games you'll find in this category, so go ahead and have fun with the best Microsoft Games, as always online and for free at!

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