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One Button Games are fun and easy to learn little games that you can control and master with just one button. Jump right into a new game adventure without having to learn complicated button combinations or move your mouse like a pro. Here, a single button is enough to maneuver you to the top of the leaderboard, so what are you waiting for?

Press the button as fast as you can or react at the right moment to use the button to make your character jump over an obstacle - no matter what action you want to trigger, in our one-button games the same button is always enough. Play tennis, volleyball or soccer, ride a roller coaster or a race car, or dash on your two legs as fast as you can towards the finish line.

Great wealth and recognition will come to you by pressing just one button, so it's best to get started right away. Press the button like there's no tomorrow and hope for the best. Browse through our great collection of the best One Button Games and have fun with them, as always online and for free on!

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