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Police car games are driving, parking and racing games about police vehicles. Play free online police car games to chase criminals through the streets of a 3D city. Park a truck in awesome new driving games and chase after the next high score. Train to pull off amazing stunts and spectacular crashes in our crazy multiplayer pursuit games. Take your place in the driver's seat of our police car simulators and uphold the law for free, thanks to Silvergames.com!

As a police officer you have a responsible job, because you have to protect the streets from criminals, so that the inhabitants of your city can live in safety and drive safely on the roads. To do this, you'll sometimes have to put yourself in danger, because a car chase on the highway is a real challenge. Look forward to squealing tires and a lot of adrenaline in our collection of the coolest police car games.

Drive your vehicle over ramps and catch a fugitive to win our online games. Or spin it around and escape the police chasing after you! Use our amazing driving simulators to train your racing skills. Turn on the sirens to make way in our fun police car chasing games. Like all great 3D racing games there will be a lot of crashes and explosions. Ramming parking trucks is so much fun! Race down the city streets and enjoy yourself!

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