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Cop Games are shooting and chasing games about police officers. In our top free cop games here at you jump into your cop car and hunt down evildoers everywhere. Here you get to go undercover, fulfill the duties of a beat cop or play the best online game of cops and robbers. Just make sure the law is not only respected, but lawbreakers are caught and thrown in jail. Thanks to new entries like the Lego cop games, that kind of free video games challenge is even suitable for kids. 

Police or cop games often can be very addicting because they focus on the extremely dangerous parts of the job. You are more likely to take part in exciting cops vs robbers shootouts, cop car chases and the occasional raid, than take witness statements, dissolve domestic disturbances for drinking or get laughed at for enjoying donuts like many beat cops do. Get ready to serve and protect the hapless citizens of your digital district or even Lego city. Hunt down hardened criminals in these exciting cop video games. Keep them safe as you go undercover or race after them through the streets.

In this exciting category you can play a policeman who drives a car in a city full of criminals. Get ready to take on the next mission and chase the gangsters before they escape. There are even more fun games to choose from that will really test your mettle. Do you think you could do the job of a police officer well? Find out now and have fun with our large collection of the best cop games, as always online and free on!

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