Riding Games

What are Riding Games?

Yee-haw! Saddle your favourite horse, leap onto its back and then ride out into the wide open range. These Riding Games will let you feel the wind in your hair, and the graceful strength of your animal companion under you. At least virtually. Here at Silvergames.com you get to experience the joy of horseback riding for the low, low price of absolutely nothing!

Horseback riding also known by its posh name of equestrianism is the art of sitting on a four-legged animal (in this specific case: a horse) and using it to transport yourself across longer distances. Riding horses is a favourite pasttime for both young girls as well as well-to-do English men and women, who enjoy strutting around stiffly while looking at the countryside. If you happen to be neither English or a teenage girl, but love horse riding still, there's a decent chance you're thinking of the great Western heroes of old and the iconic cowboys of the US, who would drive cattle across great plains on their trusted steeds. Either way, if you find the idea of sitting on a saddle fun, then you will surely enjoy these games all about riding horses, jumping over obstacles and maybe even taking first place in dressage.

Strap in quickly, calm your long-faced friend and ride out. These free online games can be played without downloads or registration. Just pick your favourite horse and ride on!

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