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Sheep Games are animal and simulator games with black and white sheep for kids and adults. Control these cute little animals and help them to overcome all the obstacles in every level or become a sheep yourself and try to survive as long as possible. All our free sheep games are free and can be played online without download.

The sheep is a mammal typically kept as livestock. Sheep are the ones of the earliest animals to be domesticated. Most of these white fluffy animals are kept as livestock in farms, while in the wild sheep can be found in the mountain, tundra and desert. They are raised for meat, fleece and milk. You can easily recognize a sheep by its crimpy hair called wool and horns forming a spiral. Sheep are also a key symbol in a lot of fables and nursery rhymes like "The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing", "Little Bo Peep", "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep", and "Mary Had a Little Lamb". And of course we all know Shaun The Sheep, popular animated TV series.

So choose one of our Free Online Sheep Games and start your new life as a cute sheep on the farm. Go on some exciting adventures, find new friends and help different sheep and lambs to make it through every level. Enjoy playing the best free sheep games online on!

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