Traffic Games

What are Traffic Games?

Traffic Games are free driving and vehicle simulation games where players have to manage a road traffic. Become an air controller and prevent planes from crashing into each other. Take control over traffic lights and put orange cones on the right places. Play online traffic games on and patrol a city driving a police car or become a professional 3D racer. Drive a huge bus and be aware of stop signs and all the traffic rules.

Regulate, manipulate and in some cases avoid traffic when you can. Our online traffic games for free are mostly concerned with making sure that traffic runs smoothly. Prevent vehicles from stucking for too long on the road and make sure that no crashes occur. Manage a railway network or even the busy airspace of an airport. Control rail transport and guide the trains to their correct stations to pick up the passengers.

Set the crossing lights right and make sure that you open up any possible congestion on your lanes. Pay close attention to the road signs and decrease the risk of accidents. Play free traffic games online and put your managing skills to the test. Control characters and get them across the road safely before the time runs out.

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