Water Slide Games

Water Slide Games are free racing and water games that let you relive and enjoy the wet and splashy times in the summer heat. Play online and experience some cool uphill 3D action in our water slide games for kids and adults on Silvergames.com. Take an air mattress or a ring and race on the roller coaster in an aqua park. Your character can be a cute puppy or a Barbie doll, try to guide them safely to the finish line.

Build your own roller coaster and overcome all the obstacles on your way to the exit. Our free water slide games online let you take a ride on the slides with high speed. Pull of spectacular stunts as your catapulted out of the slide onto the surface of the water. Start speeding through the challenging tracks collecting lots of coins to exchange for new bathing suits and other accessories.

Don't worry about accidents, because our free water slide games online let you try again and again. Move around slightly and then land in the lake or pool below. Earn money for every player you push out of the slide and try to have them push you forward to boost your speed.

Water Slide Games

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