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What are Raft Games?

Raft Games are mostly action survival games where everything revolves around rafts. Build a big floating raft and try to survive as long as possible on the big ocean full of hungry sharks and dangerous pirates. Fight against other players in addictive online games like Raft Wars. Or start playing Raft.io, a cool multiplayer raft survival game here on Silvergames.com!

A raft is a means of transport across a large surface of water, and is usually characterized by missing a hull. Rafts and barges are generally flat and simple, using only the most basic means to keep them afloat. One of the most famous rafts is the Kon-Tiki which was used in 1947 to travel from South America to the Polynesian Islands. Before large-scale shipping operations were possible, rafts and barges would be used to transport goods alongside rivers to smaller communities, that had no other easy access to the outside world.

So if you think, that you can survive on the wide open ocean standing on nothing more than some rickety old pieces of wood, our free raft games will be just up your alley. Dive into challenging survival simulators, experience high-sea adventures and get caught up in heart-pounding action on the big blue, before you get eaten by sharks. Enjoy playing the best free raft games here on Silvergames.com!

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