Zombie Car Games

What are Zombie Car Games?

Zombie Car Games are driving and shooting games where the player has to fight against zombies. Are you a fan of such popular zombie games as Resident Evil? Movies like Dawn of the Dead and Zombie Apocalypse are your favourite? If the answer is yes, then you will definitely like our great collection of free Zombie Car Games, here on Silvergames.com. All our games are free and can be played online! 

Shoot, fight, slay and escape from bloodthirsty undeads in our cool free online zombie car games. Your main goal in each of these fun addicting driving and action games is to survive as long as possible without getting hurt or injured by the undead evil. Drive your car along the highway and drive over all zombies. Choose from a wide selection of weapons and eliminate all undeads before they eat your brains!

Imagine living during a zombie apocalypse and all you have to think about is surviving. If you like killing zombies you should definitely try this awesome category. There are more great games like Zombie Choppa and Garage Apocalypse. Choose one of the games and step on the gas pedal! Enjoy playing the best free Zombie Car Games here on Silvergames.com!

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