Car Shooting Games

What are Car Shooting Games?

Car Shooting Games are a mix between the popular gaming genres shooter and car racing games. Uniting these two action categories will provide you with many hours of fun. We collected the best free car shooting games for you to play online and for free on, including Madness on Wheels, Guns of Apocalypse, Death Racers and many more.

Put your driving skills to the test, load your gun, try to survive as long as possible and get to the finish first. Is there a better way to get into a shooting match other than with a powerful weapon on your car? Eliminate all zombies on your way and kill your opponents using your massive guns. Ride your stunt car over ramps and fly higher than the bullets of your enemies. 

Car Eats Car, Road of the Dead or Earn to Die: choose one of the amazing Car Shooting games from this category or try them all to become the master behind the wheel and the gun. This category is not for the faint-hearted so be ready to defend yourself at all costs and without showing mercy. Are you ready yet? Play Car Shooting Games online for free and have fun!

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