Vaccine Idle

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Vaccine Idle

Vaccine Idle is a fun addicting clicker game about saving humanity from a very threatful pandemic, just like Covid-19. You can play this game online and for free on Your objective is to educate professionals and create selling points for your cure to be sold world wide in order to end this pandemic. If you ever thought it’s easy to take care of human beings, this game will surely prove you wrong.

Train doctors to start developing a cure. Create sellers for your cure. Build colleges to create more doctors. Hire employers to generate more sellers. And so on, until you start to see a chance of fighting the virus. Have fun and good luck playing Vaccine Idle!

Controls: Mouse


Vaccine Idle: Begin PandemicVaccine Idle: Finding VaccineVaccine Idle: Curing VirusVaccine Idle: Healing Humankind

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