War  of Cells

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War  of Cells

War of Cells is an addictive biological strategy game. Take control of a powerful alien lifeform and build and evolve an army of cells to fight against other biological microorganism. Use WASD to move your cell and mouse to fire. Read the in game instructions for more in depth play.

You have to gain energy molecules to sustain your energy level. Specials and pods may use energy to be activated. Moving your cell will cost energy, too. You also have to gain nutrition. Every time you kill a cell successfully you will gain experience and move on to another evelutionary level eventually. Much fun with War of Cells online and for free on Silvergames.com!

Controls: WASD = move and fire

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War  of Cells: Cell DestructionWar  of Cells: Custom CellWar  of Cells: GameplayWar  of Cells: MenuWar  of Cells: Mission World

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