Bleach vs Naruto v2.4

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Bleach vs Naruto v2.4

The war between the Worlds of Naruto and Bleach isn't over yet! With 2.4 update new fighters added are Madarame Ikkaku, Jiraiya and Deidara plus Kusajishi Yachiru and Hyuuga Hinata. Choose your side and get ready to battle in the popular crossover anime fighting game Bleach vs Naruto v2.4. Much fun!

Controls Player 1: AD = Move, S = Defence, J = Attack, K = Jump, L = Sprint, U = Far Attack, I = Slay, O = Summon Assistance

Controls Player 2: Arrows = Move, Down = Defence, 1 = Attack, 2 = Jump, 3 = Sprint, 4 = Far Attack, 5 = Slay, 6 = Summon Assistance

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