Checkers Game

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Checkers Game

Checkers Game is an online 2-player board game where you have to conquer the gameboard. Make single diagonal moves and jump over your opponent's pieces to eliminate them. Reach the farthest row forward with a tile to turn it into a king. Having a king means that this piece can also move backwards. You can compete against the computer or another player sitting right next to you. Select your color and set the difficulty mode to warm up. In case you are a more advanced checkers player, set it to up to 10 and get ready for a nice challenge.

Play free Checkers Game online on Simple rules make checkers the perfect strategy game for kids and adults. Click on any of your pieces to see the possible moves. You can't move backwards unless your piece becomes a king. If there is a piece you can take - you have to take it. In our cool checkers game, also known as draughts, you can choose between different boards made of wood and stone. Players can also choose the color of the pieces. Tactics and strategy is what you need to win in this cool game on our website. 

Controls: Mouse


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