Nine Men's Morris

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Nine Men's Morris

Nine Men’s Morris is a 2 player strategy board game simulator that you an play online and fo free on You and your opponent start by placing all of your men on the board. Once all men are placed, your goal is to move the tokens in order to form lines of 3, creating a mill. Whenever you create a mill, you can remove one of your opponent’s men from the game. To form another mill, you have to break up the last one, but you can then rebuild it on your next turn.

The game ends once one of the players has only 2 men or no moves to make. Each round, the CPU will tell you which mens you can move and where you can move them to. This strategic board game is quite straight forward, so get right to it. Play against one of your friends or against the smart CPU. Have fun with Nine Men’s Morris!

Controls: Mouse


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