Get to the Choppa

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Get to the Choppa

Get to the Choppa is a hilarious third person shooter starring a funnier version of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The famous phrase “get to the choppa” from the 1987 film Predator has inspired lots of funny videos, songs and free online games. This time, you will obviously play as the hero, having to shoot down all the evil predators and save their prisoners.

Shoot your way through all those disgusting enemies and free all the Niclasses to lead them to the helicopter. Try not to lose Niclasses on your way or you won’t be able to leave the stage. Use your machine gun to eliminate all the predators and to open Niclas’ cage… oh, now I get it! Have fun playing this free online game Get to the Choppa on!

Controls: WASD = move, Mouse = aim / shoot, F = make Niclas follow you


Get To The Choppa: MenuGet To The Choppa: Gameplay ShootingGet To The Choppa: Nicholad Cage Gameplay PrisonerGet To The Choppa: Gameplay Shooting Prisoner

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