Kung-Fu Grandpa

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Kung-Fu Grandpa

Kung-Fu Grandpa is a cool fighting game, where you have to help a very strong grandpa repel all attacks. Have you ever seen old people kick some guy's ass? Kung-Fu Grandpa is so angry about the rude gangsters that he wants to fight them all. Move back and forth and make the streets safe again.

Help him and beat down the baddies along the street. Choose between hand punch and leg kick or use special power to knock out all the bad guys. Collect all cash to buy upgrades and use the energy drinks to empower your special abilities. Don't forget to pick up electronic devices to get some bonus points. Unlock all of the achievements and become undefeatable. Have fun playing Kung-Fu Grandpa, a free online game on Silvergames.com!

Controls: Arrows = Move, Space = Jump, Y = Hand Punch , X = Leg Kick , C = Use Special Power


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