Papa's Cupcakeria

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Papa's Cupcakeria

Welcome to Papa's Cupcakeria! After successfully establishing the franchise with pizzas, tacos and burgers it is time to turn your attention to that other delicious piece of finger food: sweet, moist, spongy cupcakes! Take orders from customers and then get to baking. Use the right amount of batter. Don't leave them in the oven too long, or they will turn into coal bricks. Add the right toppings like whipped cream, chocolate syrup or candy. All that's missing is a cherry on top!

Hand it to your customers and if you did your job right, your tips will grow. Can you bake a cupcake, decorate it and receive 100% for it? Buy new equipment and ingredients to make your sweet creations even more delicious and beautiful to look at. Turn Papas Cupcakeria into the busiest, most thriving and successful business in the village. Enjoy this yummie game online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse


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