Papa's Pizzeria

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Papa's Pizzeria

Papa's Pizzeria is a free pizza restaurant management and cooking game. Try your hand at running a pizza place. With Papas Pizzeria you are now in charge of a brand new restaurant while customers are lining up to get a taste. Take their orders and don't let them wait too long for their tasty dish. Make sure you pay close attention to which toppings they want and how many.

There's meatballs, onion, anchovies, peppers, paprika and olives to carefully sprinkle on your pizza. Pay attention to which side of the pizza they want those toppings on, and also how many of them. You might mean well, but if the customer only wants four olives, you should give them exactly four olives. The customers also have very exact wishes how long to bake the pizza in the oven. Take it out too soon, and the bread is too soft. Leave it in too long, and it gets too crisp.

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