Smash Ragdoll Battle

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Smash Ragdoll Battle

Smash Ragdoll Battle is a funny ragdoll fighting game with crazy characters who fly using jetpacks and fight each other to death. Boxing rings and gloves are no longer cool, at least in the world of free online games. Now, it’s all about jetpacks and deadly melee weapons. Start flying around and try to swing your weapon to hit your enemy until you have completely torn him apart.

You can use your blade or release it to grab another weapon, like a huge hammer, a spike ball or a sword, just to name a few. Do your best to kill each and every opponent in front of you and keep winning battles to earn money and precious stones to craft new weapons, purchase new skills and unlock new characters. Play the practice mode, survival or story and start having fun with Smash Ragdoll Battle, another free online game on!

Controls: Mouse


Smash Ragdoll Battle: Gameplay Sword BattleSmash Ragdoll Battle: Gameplay Multiplayer BattleSmash Ragdoll Battle: Ressources Upgrades

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