Angry Shark

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Angry Shark

Angry Shark is a cool destruction game full of blood and action that you can play online and for free on Control a crazy shark and try to kill as many people as possible, destroy boats and even perform superjumps to attack helicopters and airplanes. The more you destroy and kill, the higher your score. So just swim around and start causing chaos to reach an unbeatable highscore before your shark blood runs out.

Be careful with the floating mines because they will harm you and lower your shark blood level. You can eat fish to heal up a bit. There is so much life waiting in and outside of the sea to be eaten by you! Have fun with Angry Shark!

Controls: Arrows = move, Space = attack


Angry Shark: MenuAngry Shark: Gameplay SharkAngry Shark: Shark AttackingAngry Shark: Shark Taking Down Helicopter

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