Shark Attack

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Shark Attack

Shark Attack is a fun online game about a hungry shark that bites everything that moves. You are a great white shark and you must do what you love. Swim around the ocean and fill your appetite by eating everything you can catch, like birds, fishes, divers and other tasty sea dwellers. Take out fishing boats and start your ultimate attack to upset them as you watch out for hazards that can harm you.

Watch the three bars at the top of the screen showing your health, air and hunger. Collect all hearts that cross your way to keep your health level up. Jump over sea level from time to time to not suffocate in the water while you try to eat as many fish and other live beings underwater. Enjoy this free shark game for kids on!

Controls: Mouse


Shark Attack: GameplayShark Attack: HuntShark Attack: ScreenshotShark Attack: Survival Game

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