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Megalodon is a fascinating shark simulator you can play online and for free on Explore the deep waters of the sea and hunt all kinds of living beings, from squids to humans. Sharks are one of nature’s most aggressive hunters, and today you will get the chance of controlling one of these beasts. There three different game modes, in which you can just swim around and explore the area, hunt and eat other animals to survive or just kill as many victims as you can within a minute.

Sounds easy? Wait until you are in control of this majestic sea animal and try to survive while searching for fish and other food to fill your huge stomach. You can also swim above sea level and maybe you will even discover a human. Will you eat them or leave them to live? Have fun with Megalodon!

Controls: Arrows / WASD = move, Space = attack, Shift = speed up


Megalodon: GameplayMegalodon: ScreenshotMegalodon: Shark SimulatorMegalodon: Underwater

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