Super Buddy Kick

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Super Buddy Kick

Super Buddy Kick is a cool and fun-addicting clicker game for those who enjoy a little bit of violence once in a while. You can play this game online and for free on Punch and kick the crap out of a happy dummy standing on a colorful bedroom and earn coins for every time you hit it. Once you have earned enough money, you can buy weapons, like a pistol, a machine gun and many, many more that will automatically shoot at your poor little victim. Unlock all weapons and try to set the highest score possible.

Your cute little dummy is in for some nasty treatment and you are the one who is giving it to him. Click on his body and head to make him suffer and die from a thousand wounds. You can unlock more deadly weapons by collecting as many points as possible so your ragdoll is not only beaten up but also shot at. Can you set the new high score and make it to the top of the list? Have fun with Super Buddy Kick!

Controls: Mouse


Super Buddy Kick: GameplaySuper Buddy Kick: RagdollSuper Buddy Kick: ScreenshotSuper Buddy Kick: Torture

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